Tyler Collins

As a life long resident of Milford, I am afraid of seeing my life, as well as other residents of the town, lessen in quality. Putting a casino in Milford will do exactly this. It does not create desirable jobs, will slowly drain the life out of other local businesses, and create in the town a sense of negative living.

Property value would eventually go down, while crime would continue to climb in rate. As it stands now, Milford is already a mess that needs desperately to pick itself up. Furthermore, casinos absolutely do not belong in suburban towns, especially in one so densely populated as Milford is. Milford is by no means a remote location; what little open space we do have left should be preserved, or at the very least should be used for something that will improve the quality of living and serve the town in a positive way. I can say with the upmost confidence that a casino will not bring that, and that I will stick to a vehement ‘NO’ in my opposition of this outrageous proposal.

– Tyler Collins, Milford

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