Martin P. and Doreen M. Castrechini

There are too many lives that could be negatively affected in this, and the surrounding communities for this to be a viable project.  Traffic is already thick and would naturally worsen even with “exclusive off/on ramps.” Crime would undoubtedly expand exponentially with the influx of those struggling with addiction issues.

Community character, family values, property values, quality of life, sense of security, and existing local businesses could all be compromised beyond recovery.

This is not the middle of the woods with no developed community like areas of Connecticut – this is family land with hard working, honest people. Generations raising their families as best they can. I am neither willing nor able to sit idly by while a national gaming conglomerate dismisses our needs and opinions, or affronts our sensibilities in the name of profit, leaving us with decimated home values that have already been assaulted and worn away.

People from all backgrounds and histories frequent casinos. Sadly a sizeable portion of these people are not the kind we want invited into our midst, nor do they belong here.

No one here is interested in becoming a natural target for home invasions and break-ins to support drug habits and gambling debts.

We need a stronger voice to make sure we protect our families, our children, our neighbors, our communities, and our way of life.

I sincerely hope indifference does not become the Achilles heal of this region, and I hope this message is passed along to those in the surrounding communities so they may be encouraged to voice their concerns and express their opinions.

We are a nation of people with opinions that mean something – our lives matter.

Finally, I ask these questions:  What would all of you want to leave as your legacy? And  what will you tell the next generation was your part in what will come?

-Martin P. & Doreen M. Castrechini, Milford

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