Casino-Free Milford recently launched a series of personal testimonials on local radio station WMRC. Our testimonials feature a diverse group of Milford citizens sharing their critical concerns about the casino proposal and its substantial impact on our quality of life. New testimonials are being recorded each week.

Which concerns resonate with you? Increased traffic? More crime? Decreased property values? The drain on our water supply? Take a moment and listen to what your friends and neighbors have to say.  We invite you to listen each day on WMRC. You can also listen to our testimonials here.

Brian Anderson speaks about the casino’s impact on traffic and property values:

Fourth-generation Milfordian Brian Bodio shares his passion for Milford and respect for our strong financial position:

Noel BonTempo, a lifelong Milford resident and public school teachers, speaks about changes to our community:

Jamie Buckley, a lifelong Milford resident, shares his concerns regarding increased crime:

Jose Costa, a former member of the Milford School Committee, speaks out on the impact of a casino on Milford Public Schools:

John DeAngelo, Director of the Milford Daily Bread Food Pantry, speaks about the social impact a casino would impose on our community:

Resident Bob Dwyer shares his concerns regarding addictive gambling, infrastructure, and traffic impacts:

Milford parent Beth Fraser expresses her significant concerns about allowing a casino to come town:

Fifth-generation Milfordian Peg Knowlton shares her love of our historic community and her concerns regarding a possible casino:

Milford resident Joe McNanna shares his concerns regarding how the casino will impact our schools:

Realtor and lifelong Milford resident Barbara Morganelli speaks about the impact of a casino on property values:

Fourth-generation Milfordian Jeff Niro shares his concerns about the substantial impacts a casino will impose on Milford:

Former State Representative Marie Parente discusses how Milfordians will lose if we allow a casino to be developed here:

Retired businessman and grandparent Peter Scandone speaks of his concerns regarding a casino’s impact on children’s safety:

Laura Scirocco speaks about traffic and quality of life issues:

Beverly Swymer speaks out as an RN on the impact to hospital services:

Longtime resident John Tehan shares a message for homeowners and renters:

Registered nurse and longtime resident Anne Walton discusses public health issues:

Registered nurse and longtime resident Anne Walton explains how we all know there are no guarantees in life:

Longtime resident Nancy Wojick shares her memories of Milford and its strong community and how the casino threatens the soul of our community:

Local business owner David Breen shares his concerns regarding how a casino would impact small businesses: