The following list explains reasons why a casino is not a good fit for the town of Milford.



The Massachusetts gaming commission’s mission is to create a fair, transparent and participatory process for implementing the expanded gaming law.  The commission is currently in Phase 1 of a two- step process. Phase 1 is to evaluate the qualifications and suitability of Crossroads and other persons in connection with the issuance of a gaming license.  The investigation is to evaluate integrity, character and reputation.  Financial suitability is also being investigated.

Phase 1 approval will happen as early as May and as late as July.

If Crossroads is approved in Phase 1, then Phase 2 would begin.


Phase 2 is for the execution of a host agreement. A host agreement is a contract between Milford and Crossroads which seeks to mitigate the impact of a casino on the town of Milford.  Voters will then get a chance to vote on the agreement.  Majority vote wins.

During the Phase 2 process towns are expected to identify areas that require mitigation. The Gaming Commission has contracted with the Collins Center for Public Management to identify all areas of mitigation.  That study will be available in a few weeks.

Given that Crossroads has not provided details on their development, Milford faces an ever shrinking window in which to complete the following:

–          Hire independent consultants to study mitigation issues

–          Based on the study contract with firms to design and engineer any physical items such as buildings or roads. At least enough to be able to assess an approximate cost.

–          Send out to bid for an understanding as to what it would cost to mitigate.

–          Negotiate with developer.

–          Execute host agreement.

–          Have a referendum vote with the town 60 days after completion of host agreement.

Consultants bidding for business for the town of Plainville estimated a 10 month process to complete the preceding tasks. [1]

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Timeline has an expected completion date of 12/31/13 for the above tasks. (See Appendix A)