For many, the promise of jobs from an incoming casino is an exciting prospect. Casinos typically bring many jobs to the local economy.

Based on statistics from Foxwoods, an average 81 percent of the jobs at the casino paid below $29,000 dollars per year. The median family income in the town of Milford is $73,500.[1]

Foxwoods has promised jobs with an average annual salary of $50,000. There is no contractual agreement in place to hold them to that figure.

Average annual salaries for the following employee sectors at Foxwoods:

Foxwoods job final

Source: “Gambling in Connecticut: Analyzing the Economic and Social Impacts,” Spectrum Gaming Group, 2009, p. 124

Pay for dealers at the casino includes salary plus tips. The salary shown above does not appear to be accurate. However, Foxwoods has never divulged current salary distribution of their employees. So, this is the most reliable piece of information available.

As of April 2013, Milford had an unemployment rate of 6.0%[2], which is well below the national average of 7.3%. In addition, all of the towns surrounding Milford (except for one) have an unemployment rate below the national  average.  An unemployment rate of 6.0% corresponds to approximately 950 people unemployed in Milford.

In regard to the jobs paying more than $29,000, there are a number of Connecticut and Rhode Island casino employees with plenty of experience looking for jobs. To fill the majority of casino jobs, it is likely people would move into town. People moving into town would put pressure on schools and the low-end housing and rental market.