A substantial increase in traffic, lack of water, probable crime increase, impacts on schools, and severe impact on a residential neighborhood in Milford are all reasons to strongly oppose a casino in Milford.

Yet it appears that a casino being built in Milford in anything less than ten years, or at all, would be an impossibility given the difficulties of getting traffic to the site.

We would like to conclude with a cautionary tale.

Sands Casino located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is regarded as a well-planned and designed integration of a casino into a community.

Sands Casino opened for business in May of 2009. A full two years later the hotel opened.  Sands Corporation, with a market valuation of $43 billion, cited the economy as the reason they were unable to complete the hotel on time.[1]

Sands Casino was built at the site of Bethlehem Steel. A huge factory that at one time employed 30,000. So the infrastructure was for the most part in place to handle traffic. Despite that fact Pennsylvania is currently undergoing a $36 million dollar road expansion at taxpayer expense.[2]  Costly infrastructure improvements can be missed in the planning stage.

And finally despite being in business for less than four years, the Sands Casino is reportedly for sale.[3]  If Sands had a host community agreement with the city of Bethlehem, any annualized payments would cease to exist with the new owner. Just keep in mind Foxwoods narrowly escaped bankruptcy on a technicality. In addition, Foxwoods has had at least 6 months of consecutive double digit declines in slot revenue. [4][5]