Highway Department and Capital Expenditures

As of 2007, three casino workers walking to Mohegan Sun have been killed in car accidents in the past 16 months, the last of which was a hit run that occurred on April 14, 2008. Mohegan Sun has spent $2 million to erect sidewalks and install lighting along a portion of Route 32 to cut down on the accidents. [1]

Wear and tear on local roads needs to be estimated and a road resurfacing schedule put in place to accommodate the increase in traffic.

The town of Ledyard identified $900,000 dollars worth of expenditures on public safety and traffic and road and bridge improvements in 1997 directly related to the casino. In 2001 that number had grown to $1.46 million.

There was no mitigation money set aside for the highway department.

Facilities such as the proposed casino in Milford can expect an increase of roughly 14,000 vehicles per day. For frame of reference this can be compared with a Revolution game day at Gillette  stadium, 7 days a week. The facility also operates 24 hours per day, meaning increased traffic at all hours.[2]

Traffic is always a big concern for communities considering a casino. The department that maintains the roads should have received adequate funding.


Planning for additional police, fire, emergency medical, dpw, etc… may require upgrades to existing buildings, additions or completely new buildings.

No mitigation money was earmarked for capital expenditures.