The Milford Water Company has had a long, troubled history with the town.

The Milford Water Company recently completed an overhaul of their water treatment facility.  The $20 million dollar project will result in the water company being able to provide Milford residents with clean water on a reliable basis.  However, the project is NOT increasing the capacity of the water supply.

Foxwoods casino would use a lot of water.  At current levels the Milford Water Company would not be able to supply the casino’s needs. Additional yield is needed from existing wells to supply the casino. There is NO GUARANTEE additional capacity will be found to satisfy the casino’s needs.

In addition, when comparing the Foxwoods’ generated numbers of projected water usage to similar developments, they seem very suspicious.

Casino # of Rooms Water Usage (gallons)
Wynn (Everett) 551 392,700
Suffolk Downs 450 379,910
FOXWOODS 500 270,000

The host community agreement requires the Milford Water Company to find 135% more water than they pump today to accommodate Foxwoods’ demand.

135% of 270,000 is 365,000, which is still an estimated amount BELOW the projected needs of both the Wynn and Suffolk Downs resort casino developments.

What if the water estimate for Foxwoods is wrong?