Who is leading the charge for a casino in Milford?

Foxwoods joined the Crossroads development group in February of this year.

This is the current list of Applicants at the Mass Gaming Commission(as of 4/5)

2001 A&A Trust

Ajax Gaming Ventures, LLC

Etkin Massachusetts Gaming, LLC

Five Trees LLLP

RMP Massachusetts Gaming, LLC

Warner Gaming LLC

Warner Gaming Trust

WG-Massachusetts, LLC

White River Gaming, LLC

Alan Potamkin

Bruce Etkin

David Nunes

Jeffrey Magee

John Siedem

Robert Potamkin

Scott Butera

Timothy Bell

Timothy Presutti

William Warner[1]


What is the background for each of the partners?

David Nunes is a Colorado developer with roots in Massachusetts. He was raised in Massachusetts, and has a portfolio that includes major building projects across the country and experience working with Donald Trump and the Wampanoag Indians on separate casino bids.

Nunes, 49, grew up in Bolton and graduated with the Class of ’78 from Nashoba Regional High School.

At Northeastern University, he studied political science and economics.

He began his career in Washington, D.C., working as a real estate broker before venturing into the development arena.[1]

William Warner is the sole owner and founder of Warner Gaming LLC since inception in 2008.

Prior to Warner Gaming  he spent 14 years in senior level positions at Station Casinos.

What experience does David Nunes have in the gaming industry?

Nunes – … in his attempts to pass casino legislation including special preferences to benefit his narrow interests on the East Coast …, most notably, in Rhode Island with mega-partner Donald Trump – is so hooked in trying to cut a deal for his own benefit, he’s spent 13 years trying to game the state.  His lobbying efforts, nearly $100,000 spent in the past three years alone, apparently haven’t paid off sufficiently in spite of tens of thousands in political campaign contributions.[2]

What experience does William Warner have in the gaming industry?

  • Chief Operating Officer
    • As COO, guided the company with 14,000 team members to record numbers in 2005 & 2006 and received the coveted fortune 100 Best company to work for over 4 years
  • Chief Development Officer
    • Led acquisition of three (3) hotel/casinos and disposition of two (2) casinos
    • Evaluated opportunities to effect company growth strategy through both new development & master planning of the existing properties
    • Responsible for Design & Construction efforts
  • Vice President of Finance
    • Responsible for both public & bank financing[3]