The Votes Come in! Milford Remains Casino Free!
Volunteers and supporters gathered in a conference room in the Pinz entertainment center to await the voting results on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

David Morganelli Speaks at Citizens Forum
Milford resident, attorney, and Finance Committee member David Morganelli shared his opinions regarding the casino’s effects on the town’s finances and our property taxes as a concerned citizen during the recent Citizens Forum.

Citizens Forum on the Casino
Casino-Free Milford recently held a Citizens Forum. Speakers and panelists included: Psychologist Tom Larkin, former Connecticut State Representative Robert Steele, Milford Finance Committee member David Morganelli, Milford resident and businessman Jose Costa, Milford Realtor Barbara Morganelli, and Milford Water Company Manager David Condrey. C0-chairmen John Seaver and Steve Trettel moderated the discussions.

Milford Residents Swymer and Costa
Discuss Casino Impacts on All Politics Is Local

All Politics Is Local host John Tehan recently interviewed residents Beverly Swymer and Jose Costa.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Says
Casinos Lower Property Values

In an interview with NECN BroadSide host Jim Braude, Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby was asked if he would want a casino where he lives. Crosby’s response? “Not too close because it would bring down property values.”  To watch it NOW, click here.

Milford Citizens Debate Casino Issues on “That Milford Show” with Host Al Correia
Milford residents Jose Costa,  Sal Roque, and Maria Valenca recently debated casino issues on Al Correia’s “That Milford Show” in Portuguese.

Call to Action Rally
Casino-Free Milford recently held a very successful rally for concerned citizens and volunteers.

Seaver and Trettel Interview on All Politics Is Local
Milford’s cable access show All Politics Is Local host John Tehan recently interviewed Casino-Free Milford Co-Chairmen John Seaver and Steve Trettel.

The Truth About Milford’s Traffic
Casino-Free Milford has created a video demonstrating just how bad Milford traffic already is. Imagine how much worse the traffic will get if a casino is built in Milford!

Foxboro Video
The Foxboro residents did an outstanding video on the impacts of a local casino on the community based on the experiences in Connecticut with Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

East Milford Neighborhood Walk with Selectmen
On June 27 the Milford Board of Selectmen and State Senator Richard Moore met with residents of East Milford. East Milford is where the casino will be located. Residents in that neighborhood have a unique set of concerns.

Seaver and Trettel Present Research Report to Board of Selectmen
On March 18th Casino-Free Milford Co-chairs John Seaver and Steve Trettel presented a summary of the research report – Impact of a casino on Milford to the Milford Board of Selectmen