Thank You Milford!

On Tuesday, November 19th the voters of Milford overwhelmingly declared to keep Milford casino free.

From our very first meeting held around a kitchen table, we acknowledged that we would be fighting a David vs. Goliath battle. We knew we would never be able to match the dollars of the Foxwoods’ campaign. We also knew that money does not buy you everything, and so we focused our efforts where they would count the most—on the people of Milford—by spreading our message slowly, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor.

Our goal was always to seek out the truth and to provide unbiased, factual information to residents. We started small, but as our message of protecting Milford’s future spread, our numbers grew. We are proud to have met so many wonderful people this past year.

On behalf of everyone at Casino-Free Milford, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude to every resident, every business owner, and all our other friends who contributed financially to support our cause. We also thank our dedicated and tireless volunteers who have sacrificed so much of their time to help us reach as many residents as we possibly could. We worked together, and we prevailed. Thank you.

John Seaver and Steve Trettel

Watch the Votes Come In!
Volunteers and supporters gathered in a conference room in the Pinz entertainment center to await the voting results on Tuesday,
November 19, 2013.

Please Vote NO on November 19
Foxwoods wants to build a resort casino in Milford that would be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, attracting 7 million people each year. Liquor would be served at most hours. Local resources would be strained. We urge you to consider the negative impacts on our quality of life in Milford and vote ‘NO’ in November.

Lower Property ValuesLower Property Values

Would YOU choose to buy a home and raise a family in a casino town?
To learn more about property values,
click here.

Greater Water RestrictionsGreater Water

Will we run out of water if Foxwoods underestimated their demand?
To learn more about water issues,
click here.

Increased CrimeIncreased Crime

How safe will our families be?
Can we keep everyone safe?
To learn more about crime,
click here.

Dangerous TrafficDangerous Traffic

How much traffic will be added to our already congested roads?
To learn more about traffic impact,
click here.

Consider the Risks of a Foxwoods "Future" for Milford

Foxwoods Is a Dicey Bet

Foxwoods Is a Dicey Bet

  • Foxwoods recently “restructured” its debt, having worked out a deal with their creditors NOT to pay back $550 million of what they owed. Can Milford trust Foxwoods to keep its financial obligations?
  • Foxwoods has been losing money the last six years straight. How long can Foxwoods afford to lose money?
  • If Foxwoods provides Milford with more than 25% of its annual revenue, won’t that give them too much leverage over town affairs and decisions?

CasinCasinos Destroy Familiesos Destroy Families

Living within ten miles of a casino DOUBLES the risk of problem gambling. Everyone in Milford lives less than four miles from the proposed casino site. You are more likely to have a family member or friend with a new gambling problem than a new job at the casino.

To learn more about social impact, click here.

Casinos Hurt Local Businesses

Casinos Hurt Local Business

“People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they lose customer dollars to the casinos.” -Donald Trump

To learn more about business impact, click here.