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Casino-Free Milford is a volunteer, nonpartisan, grassroots organization including residents who live throughout Milford and are dedicated to providing the Milford community with full disclosure of the impacts a destination resort casino would impose on our town. Milford residents Steve Trettel and John Seaver, both of whom have family roots in town that go back generations, serve as co-chairmen of Casino-FreeMilford.

John Seaver

John Seaver

  • Born and raised in Milford lifelong resident, 3rd generation Milfordian
  • One of nine Children, all raised in Milford, Milford Family Business- Seaver’s Express, 74 years
  • Education: BS, MA and MBA from Providence College, Boston University and National University
  • Professional background: 31 years professional experience in Health Care Policy and Finance, currently Health Care Adviser in private practice.
  • Former Milford Selectman, Treasurer, Milford school building committees – 10 years
  • Married to Melissa, 13 years, one child
  • John is active volunteering in his community, including fundraising at Milford Youth Center, Member of the  Board of  Directors for Milford Based Claflin Hill Symphony Foundation

Steve Trettel

  • Steve TrettelBorn in Milford lifelong resident except during active duty military service
  • Trettel extended family Milford residents since 1905
  • Education: BS and MS Civil Engineering from Northeastern and MIT
  • Professional background: registered professional engineer, 47 years’ experience in civil, geotechnical, environmental engineering.  Retired as senior principal of 500 person consulting engineering firm, presently engineering consultant in private practice.
  • Town meeting elected member, former member, zoning board of Appeals
  • Married to Rosemary 50 years, 4 children, 14 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild, all Milford  residents, one Hopedale
  • Steve, Rosemary and family active members of Sacred Heart Parish, previously serving on parish council and currently finance committee
  • Steve and Rosemary involved in married couples and engaged couples retreats on regular basis for over 20 years.

An Open Letter to Fellow Milford Residents

Milford has a long rich history steeped in pride and tradition.  Many families, including ours, have roots in Milford, dating back several generations.  We have proudly watched our families and extended families grow, all making the decision to live in Milford.  Instilled in us as children, that sense of love and pride in community is what inspired us to give back to Milford, each becoming involved in the Church and town affairs.

Through the years, we have seen Milford change, grow and develop, becoming a thriving community.   We now have access to major highways and continue to welcome many new citizens, businesses and housing developments to the area.  Juxtaposed with the older, more traditional areas of Milford, this growth and expansion was not done lightly.  Town officials ALWAYS gave careful consideration to the preservation of our community and our way of life.

In the town-wide referendum scheduled for November 19th, the people of Milford will consider no less than a transformation of our community with the possible introduction of a destination resort casino.  We believe that a mega-sized gambling complex has no place in a residential area and would forever alter the character of Milford and the quality of life for our children.  After extensive research into communities that have accepted casinos, we are convinced that the negative effects are even worse than we had imagined.

So as residents of Milford, we are now at a “Crossroads.”  We can remain silent and stay at home on November 19th or we can make the voice of opposition loud and clear.  Write this date in your calendar and be sure you talk to all of your family, friends, and neighbors in Milford. Implore them to vote NO to the casino on November 19th!

Lastly, we extend our sincerest gratitude to our growing group of volunteers. Your passion for our community is what unites us and will help us keep Milford casino free.


John Seaver

Steven Trettel

Casino-Free Milford

Citizens of Milford gathered in Milford's Town Hall on April 8, 2013 to hear Foxwoods' first presentation to the Board of Selectmen.

Citizens of Milford gathered in Milford’s Town Hall on April 8, 2013 to hear Foxwoods’ first presentation to the Board of Selectmen.